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horse drawn hearse

24 hour funeral services

Just as we are different in life, we are often very different after death, and each of us also has special wishes about their funeral and imagines it in a certain way or another: from live music to a horse drawn hearse, every family request and any wishes of the deceased can be respected in the organization of a funeral.

Not all funeral agencies offer the same service: if you need particular items, such as horses, for example it is important to turn to the right company so that they can meet all of your needs: Altini funeral directors is one of these. For years, in fact, working in the funeral sector, for all those who ask for it, the company provides horse drawn hearses, to make the ceremony even more impressive and a bit retro. 

But the real difference in the case of Altini is not only due to the sophistication of the services offered, but also to the presence of well-trained and competent professionals, able to provide a top-level high quality service in any situation, whatever the client's requests, with the right amount of discretion.

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