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what happens at a cremation?

Cremation has very ancient origins, and different ancient cultures have used this particular practice as a rite of purifying the soul from the body, preventing it from undergoing the decomposition process. For centuries the West saw this practice as immoral, as it would not have allowed the resurrection of the body at the end of time, as foretold by the Sacred Scriptures.

In fact, this idea is now considered anachronistic and irrelevant, even according to the church. Cremation is a chance for honour of the deceased now acceptable and entered into common practice. From a practical point of view, it is a very functional choice, since the urn, occupying a space than a classic tomb, saves space, as well as ensuring a superior level of hygiene.

cremation PERMITS in Cesena and Ravenna

The services offered by Altini funeral directors, include a cremation service, with qualified personnel and we are able to take care of:

  • management of cremation permits
  • funeral bureaucracy
  • sale of cassettes for ashes
  • urns

Our funeral homes are available 24-hours.

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