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Funeral Administration

Documentation and permits for burial and cremation

The funeral ceremony cannot take place without the necessary processing permits for funerals: it is essential to prepare all documentation necessary in a consistent and safe manner to effect the burial. In these circumstances, it is advisable to rely on a funeral director that can follow the customer also with regard to the compilation of the funeral documents, helping them to extricate themselves from the complex documentary procedures.

Cemetary permits for burials in Ravenna and Cesena

Responding to these requirements, Altini funeral directors are a point of reference for the neighbouring areas of Ravenna, Cesena and Cesenatico: the expertise of the staff and the great experience gained in the sector enable our company to be constantly updated on the current regulations, carrying out cemetery and funerary services for the needs of the client. Our company offers a 360 ° funeral service, engaging first in collecting the necessary documents, certifications and municipal permits:

  • transporting the deceased to the place of ceremony
  • body transfer
  • document preparation for ordinary and special body transfers including repatriation from outside Italy

To receive more information or to request the support of our funeral agency, feel free to contact us on phone number: +39 054471564.

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