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funeral services

Funeral transfers, both national and international, are often necessary because of one of the most natural desires in the human being, that is to be able to rest on their native soil, from which life and its vicissitudes may have kept them away. Of course, as far as normal transactions are concerned, the transfer of the deceased, both towards an Italian Commune or to a foreign country, are governed by rather complex procedures; for this reason, it is important to contact a firm such as Altini funeral directors which has all the necessary permissions and means to carry out funeral transportation to and from abroad and to all Italian regions.

Altini funeral directors offer the following services:

  • repatriation of the deceased
  • funeral transport
  • horse drawn hearse

The company employs specialized staff capable of dealing with all the funeral practices and services with professionalism and discretion: tributes, practical arrangements, floral displays, engraving on tombstones, obituaries, printing and posting ceremony information, as well as international funeral transport.

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