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services for FUNERAL organisation 

Urns are the ideal solution to contain the remains of the deceased after the cremation process. Ash can be contained in urns of different typology and style, depending on taste and aesthetic needs. At Altini funeral directors it is possible to choose from a wide range of urn models in the funeral home:

  • wooden urns
  • terracotta urns
  • metal urns
  • urns in zinc
  • ceramic urns

Ossuaries and funeral vaults

Being able to rely on the expertise of a funeral directors is no doubt an added value to the sevice, as is the ability to offer advice and suggestions, not only for the choice of the urn, but for every aspect of the funeral. In fact when you lose a loved one, you are rarely ready to deal with all the burdens that the funeral organization brings, so let the Altini funeral agency offer their complete funeral services:

  • ossuaries
  • coffins for burial, cremation
  • tombstones and funeral marble

Contact the funeral directors to obtain details of all the services that we offer.

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